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Our own physical and interactive Tinker box for children to dabble with. Delivered right to their doorsteps, we bring learning straight to them!

We are Hopefull

We envision a future where kids are free to discover their potential and what they can do for themselves and the world, regardless of their circumstances.

The Block

Backed by Team Singapore, we bring local talents together at our community aka The Block. Tapping on our networks, we hope to galvanise efforts to make a difference. Join our collective of local untraditionalists. Share your work, teach a class, find a mentee or tell us your story - however you'd like to help, we're here to make it happen!

We grew up with resources at our disposal and people who believed in us. This is what every child deserves, but not every child has.

Help us share, equip, and upskill.


Ask Us Anything!

Hopefull is a ground-up initiative that creates, gathers, and provides engaging educational resources for children and youths from low-income families.
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