The Block

The Block is a ground-up initiative to open-source resources for kids during HBL, and beyond, in Singapore. Inspired by the ruckus of HDB block void decks of our childhood, we band together to provide resources collaboratively, drawing from our individual strengths and experiences. 

Our collective of un-traditionalists have all had hard times, but we got through them. And there are children who need to hear this. So we created this fun, nurturing and safe space where children can find out more about themselves and their place in the world. 


The Block

n. a collective of un-traditionalists

Jen Goh · Wilshia Maruli · Victoria Chen · Nur Hadziqah · Mark Richmond

The Thryft Team · Ng Hanbin · U.K. Shyam · Ng Fongyee · Peter Draw 

Quek Hong Shin • Calvin Sim • Bjorn Wong · Zoe Fan · Livy Lim Liyi · Jenny Wah · Lisa Teo · Wei Tai ·  Kelvin · Rebecca Siar · Kevin Krolicki · Thiang Thai Ming · Aparna · Rei Tan · Marc Chen · Merlyn Koh · Tan Wei Qing · Tuang Shu Qi · Soh Sze Ying · Kwan Yan Wei (Wayne) · Xin Ci

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