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The Block

The Block is a ground-up initiative to open-source resources for kids during HBL, and beyond, in Singapore. Inspired by the ruckus of HDB block void decks of our childhood, we band together to provide resources collaboratively, drawing from our individual strengths and experiences. 

Our collective of un-traditionalists have all had hard times, but we got through them. And there are children who need to hear this. So we created this fun, nurturing and safe space where children can find out more about themselves and their place in the world. 


The Block

n. a collective of un-traditionalists

Just like in a block of flats, we are pretty cha-pa-lang when it comes to volunteer management. So if you’re looking for a volunteering opportunity that has (lots of) autonomy and wiggle room for you to inject your own ideas, you’d fit right in. We also can’t wait to hear your thoughts and learn from you as we journey together to ensure all children are empowered regardless of their backgrounds.


Once you sign up for any role, a member of our team will reach out and have a chat with you. Depending on the role, there might also be onboarding or training sessions to get you situated and started. We’ll also add you to (1) a main Telegram group for all the volunteers so we can spam you with updates - ok just kidding, and (2) a sub-team Telegram group. Once, twice, or maybe thrice a year we will also all gather for a meal to chat about how we can make the space better life (because food is life!). 


If you have any questions, please holler at

Current Opportunities

Tinker - Content Curator/Creator
To curate and create holistic educational content based on the various monthly themes like Horrible Histories, Wait there’s Winter?, the Olympics and more. Don’t have any experience in education? Fret not! We have designed a framework that makes it easy for you to turn ideas into activities, and we also always welcome folks finding existing content online that fits - just remember to credit the creator. That said, we have found that if you have a design background or have done some work with children, it’ll take you no time to get those pieces out. 
Commitment: Initial training session, then at your own pace for at least 6 months
Deliverable(s): Preferably 2-3 pieces a month, which should take no longer than 2 hours.
No. of volunteers needed: The more the merrier!


Tinker - Curriculum Builder
To build structure around the curated content so that it becomes a breeze for our community partners to utilise the content for their holistic sessions. If you can add them all into a 1-2 hour workshop with activities in between to engage the children, even better! It’ll be super awesome if you have experiences in teaching or in children workshop facilitation.
Commitment: Initial onboarding session, then at your own pace for at least 6 months.
Deliverables: Monthly themed curriculum. Est. 4 hours a month
No. of volunteers needed: 1-2.


Tinker IRL Team
To work with the team to organise Tinker IRL sessions from idea to planning to execution to wrap up. If you want to get your hands dirty, have lotsa creative ideas and cannot sit still, this is the role for you. Also if you enjoy being with the kids! You’d need boundless energy to keep up with them and keep them engaged. Bonus if you would also like to handle the more administrative parts of the work like reconciling receipts. 
Commitment: Initial onboarding session, then remote planning and 1 x 2-3 hour session every school holidays
No. of volunteers needed: 6-8


Tinker IRL - Ad-hoc Volunteers
Want to volunteer your time but not sure how much time you can commit? Or looking to organise a team-building activity? We’re always on the lookout also for ad-hoc volunteers to lend your hands and feet and most importantly, heart, to all our IRL sessions. No experience necessary - just come with an open mind and lots of energy and we’ll brief you on the day.
Commitment: Read brief beforehand, then 1 x 2-3 hour session 
No. of volunteers needed: Depends on activity


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